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Licensed Concierge Auto Dealerships.


    Southwest Auto Brokers - Nevada Lic #DLR000042401

    3300 Sirius Ave #104 Las Vegas NV 89117  (702) 979-1227


    Southwest Auto - Utah Lic #647A

    290 W 600 S #101 Provo UT 84601  (385) 350-3556


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At Southwest Auto Group we have reversed the whole car buying experience making it simple and easy to buy a car without leaving your home or office and at unbeatable prices.  It's a brand new way of selling cars that puts you in control and saves you a ton.  We're auto enthusiasts with years of experience on every side of the vehicle.  We buy direct from the same Dealer Only Auctions that every other dealer buys from.  Without the heavy overhead of annoying advertising and aggressive salesman, we can deliver you the same car for way less.  And we do mean DELIVER - to your home or office in a matter of days.  There's no magic to that - just savings.  So whether you're looking for a $6000 commuter car or an exotic import with low miles, Southwest Auto Brokers is the SIMPLE DIRECT way of buying your next car.  So skip the ridiculous depreciation of a new car when it's driven off the lot.  Skip the haggling salesman.  You choose what you want that's within your budget.   We make sure it's fully inspected.  We'll give you a clear price... no hidden fees... It's all transparent.   You can even add an extended warranty on most vehicles.

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Southwest Auto
3300 Sirius Ave #104, Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone: (702) 979-1227
Phone2:(888) 777-5335

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